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Reptile One Glass Hinged Door Terrarium RTF600HT is a terrarium that provides maximum functionality for terrestrial and arboreal reptiles. Reptile One Terrariums have a waterproof, sealed glass base which allows for the enclosure to be used for semi-aquatic and terrestrial species. The terrariums include a completely removable mesh lid and sliding (or hinged) glass doors with locks.


  • High quality wire mesh top for ventilation
  • Cable outlet dial enables electrical items
  • Pre-cut holes for heating and lighting accessories to fit
  • Black background for psychological security
  • Lockable doors for easy access and viewing pleasure
  • Watertight sealed glass base holds water
  • High quality 5mm glass thickness
  • Matching Reptile One cabinets available

60cm(h) x 60cm(w) x 45cm(d)

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