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These are the ultimate addition to the environment of your pet. Not just a perch or a branch, but a REAL TREE! Not only do these trees present as a striking piece, they are also GREAT for the MENTAL and PHYSICAL WELL-BEING of your pet.

BENEFITS include;

  • MORE OUT OF ENCLOSURE TIME: this facilitates freedom to fly, stretch, climb and interact directly with you in your world. The floorstand also provides a spot where your pet can feel safe to rest. Floor-stands can also be used within enclosures with the same benefits.
  • STIMULATION: The many shapes, sizes and angles of the tree branches provide the PHYSICAL and MENTAL exercise your pet needs. One of the great features of a Nino’s Java floor-stand is that it flexes and springs as a real tree would. Check out some of the videos on our social media pages. We feel that the movement response of the tree to your pet’s natural actions is important in stimulating and maintaining the evolutionary skill sets of your pet.
  • TOUGH: – Javawood has proven itself over many years of use;
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The javawood generally only needs a regular wipe with a cloth that has been dampened with water. The furniture grade base includes an artificial grass mat (not shown in image) that is simple to lift out, clean and reinstate;
  • MOVEMENT: the included caster wheels make repositioning easy.  Reposition for sun, shade, breeze, views, changing rooms, time of day, seasons, visitors, other pets, maintenance of and around your floor-stand are all made simple with the caster wheels. The options are only limited by your imagination;
  • FEEDING: 2 polished grade stainless steel bowls (10 dia x 5cm deep) included. The bowls simply pop in and out of their corrosion resistant, stainless steel wire frame that screws onto your tree by hand – no tools required.
  • CREATE: add and vary your pets environment with other stimulation like toys, fresh foliage, treats and resting spots. There are two prefixed hanging points to help facilitate this. Check out the images of some of the great things possible, especially with other Nino’s Java natural pet products. Better still, send us pics of your creation.
  • NATURAL: in the same way your pet is a totally individual product of nature, each floor-stand / tree is the only one of it’s kind in existence! There are no duplicates. The trees which are around 30 to 40 years old are re-purposed from coffee plantations. The all natural wood is safe.
  • CUSTOM: There are sizes for all species, owners and environments.

SIZE GUIDE: Size allocation is a general concept about the size of your pet – NOT the tree itself. ALL small, medium and large trees are of a similar overall size which is around 170cm high (rough height of an average person), with a general branch spread over the base which is 90cm long x 60cm wide x 10cm hi. Selecting the right size is primarily about your pet’s foot size and wing span. Eg; “Large” tree means the majority of the branches are large diameter to suit large feet, with branch spacing suited to the large wingspan of large species like Macaws and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. Accordingly a “medium” size tree is aimed at medium sized species like galah or eclectus, and a “small” tree suits say a Cockatiel or Parrotlet. Having said all that, each tree has the natural element of varying size branches.  FYI, rarer, larger XL and XXL trees are also available, however these are not displayed online.

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