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Hikari Betta Bio Gold

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold

Suitable for: all bettas (Siamese fighting fish)

Hikari produces top quality aquatic diets, drawing on over eleven decades of experience with ornamental fish. Hikari employs exploration techniques to research the habitats and dietary requirements of fish, and combines this with intensive research at the Hikari Aquatic Laboratories to ensure all their diets are of a superior quality and standard.

The Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Diet is designed with the specific nutritional requirements and eating habits of bettas in mind. It contains premium fish meal for a high quality source of protein, along with spirulina and grape seed extract to help keep your betta looking and feeling fantastic. The perfectly sized, floating pellets are designed to suit all bettas.

  • Balanced diet for bettas
  • Rich in quality protein
  • Enriched with spirulina and grape seed extract
  • Floating perfectly sized pellets

Ideal for all bettas

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