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Vetafarm Bird Probotic

Recommended for: Baby birds being reared on a formula not produced by Vetafarm, birds recovering from illness, or birds that have been recently treated with antibiotics. Also suitable for any other small animal such as dogs, cats, caged birds, and poultry chicks.

Vetafarm Probiotic can be used every day to help maintain a balanced digestive system, optimising digestion of feed and enhancing the animals health.

Summary of Key Features:

  • Daily probiotic to re-establish natural gut flora after infections, diarrhoea, stress, and the use of antibiotics
  • Easily mixed in food or water
  • Reduced mortality and productivity improvements in poultry and caged birds

Vetafarm Probiotic can be used during periods of intestinal dysfunction, including in the treatment and control of scouring and diarrhoea, exclusion and suppression of pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Aeromonas spp., and in the re-establishment of natural gut microflora following antibiotic use. It may also be used during periods of extreme stress such as overcrowding, temperature extremes, transportation, training and medication, and following surgery.

Directions for Use:

Aviary birds: 1g/L of drinking water

Poultry: 5g/L of drinking water

During stress situations, the maintenance dose may be doubled for as long as required. Use at a stress level for the first 5 days of treatment then at a maintenance dose level. Mix with water, milk or milk replacer, or with feed. Prepared solutions should be consumed within 24 hours.

 Can be used with: Anthelmintics, coccidiostats, minerals and vitamins.

Caution: Do not mix with any other product when administered in water. Do not use while administering a course of antibiotics but may be used immediately following an antibiotic course.

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