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Vetafarm Paradise Pellets

Suitable for: Eclectus Parrots and other Frugivores such as Birds of Paradise, Toucans and Mynas 

Vetafarm is one of Australias leading companion health and welfare innovators. For Vetafarm pets are family, and only the best products leave their factories, after extensive quality control and research. They have a range of products for your cat, dog, birds, rabbits, rodents and reptiles!

A complete balanced, extruded pellet diet, designed specifically for pet and breeding Eclectus Parrots. This low iron diet has been made with real ingredients, and has been designed by avian veterinarians and nutritionists. 

Key Points 

  • Contains increased levels of Vitamin A and C and all the other essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and calcium
  • Reduces mess and waste 
  • Fruitflavoured for an attractive taste 
  • A complete diet, no additional supplementation needed. Can be given with Fruits and Vegetables for enrichment, but if doing so needs to be at least 50% of the total diet

Directions for Use 

  • Vetafarm pellets, crumbles or powders should be fed in a clean, dry dish placed where it cannot be contaminat ed by droppings, water or cage substrate. If the feed does become contaminated it should be replaced with fresh feed.

  • As a guide, most cage and aviary birds will consume about 10% of their bodyweight in dry feed per day.

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