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Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator

Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator 

Suitable for: All ornamental bird species and their environment.

Vetafarm is one of Australias leading companion health and welfare innovators. For Vetafarm pets are family, and only the best products leave their factories, after extensive quality control and research. They have a range of products for your cat, dog, birds, rabbits, rodents and reptiles!

Avian Insect Liquidator contains an Insect Growth Regulator which controls mites and lice on ornamental birds and their environment. It can provide protection for up to 6 weeks. It penetrates into the feathers to kill mites and lice under the feathers and on the skin. 

  • Recommended for use on mites, lice, flies, spiders and ants 
  • Can be used on nest boxes, flight perches, aviary floors, indoor cages or directly on the bird
  • Comes in 100 and 500ml ready to use bottles

Directions for Use 

  • To control Avian Mite (Dermanyssus spp, Ornithonyssus spp) and Lice (order Mallophaga): Spray directly onto bird by holding spray 30-40cm from the bird

  • Environment: Spray aviary, perches and nest boxes thoroughly. One spray should give up to six weeks protection.

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