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Redirect excessive barking with the new PetSafe® Bark Collar. This bark collar is designed with 15 levels of static stimulation that help discourage nuisance barking and whining. The PetSafe® Bark Collar automatically finds the perfect setting to help your dog learn to stop barking. The correction levels of the collar automatically increase with each bark until barking stops. The static stimulation is annoying yet safe for dogs. A built-in safety feature automatically shuts the collar off for 3 minutes if your dog barks more than 15 times within an 80 second period. As your dog learns to bark less, stimulation levels are reduced. The PetSafe® Bark Collar is a great choice for dogs weighing at least 3.6 kg and more than 6 months old.


Gentle Static Stimulation - The PetSafe® Bark Collar has 15 levels of static stimulation; the static feeling is surprising but harmless

No False Activation - Sound and vibration sensors ensure the collar only activates when the dog wearing it barks

Progressive Levels - The PetSafe® Bark Collar starts with the lowest level of static stimulation and increases to the next level each time your dog barks; the collar shuts off automatically after 80 seconds

Waterproof Collar - The bark collar holds up to rain, snow, mud and other outdoor conditions

Sized for Most Dogs - The PetSafe® Bark Collar fits most dogs weighing 3.6 kg or more; collar strap fits neck sizes up to 68 cm

Replaceable Batteries - The bark collar uses a 6-volt alkaline battery; PetSafe® battery replacement part number is RFA-18-11

System Includes (Accessories)

Bark Collar

2 6-Volt batteries

Long contact points pre-installed in collar

Product manual

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