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API Melafix Freshwater Fish Infection Remedy


Melafix smooths your fishs transition from pet store to your home aquarium by reducing the risk of disease developing, using an all-natural solution to address open wounds, tail rot, eye cloud and more.

Melafix will not harmfully affect the biological filter, alter the pH level, or discolour the water of your tank. Its safe for reef aquariums and live plants, and can be used in fresh or salt water aquariums to treat disease in your new fish before it spreads.

Key Features:

  • All-natural antibacterial medication
  • Smooths the transition from store to home by reducing the risk of your fish developing a disease
  • Promotes re-growth of damaged fin rays and tissue
  • Can also be used when adding fish, treating bacterial infections and during fish problem solving

 Usage Instructions: Shake well. Remove activated carbon, if possible. Add 5 ml per 38L of water. For disease or wound treatment, dose daily for 7 days. After 7 days, make a 25% water change. Continue treatment, if necessary. For adding new fish, dose daily for 3 days.

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