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Every now and den I like a bit of solitude. And that’s where Kazoo’s 2 chamber den come in handy pawdy.

It has two super-snuggly plush dens where I can be alone with my thoughts, groom myself and catnap, sisal scratch walls and a hanging play ball on stretch rope.

Some cats love climbing playgrounds, but this snug little den suits my purrsonality to a tee. Hmmm. Speaking of tea, isn’t it my dinner time, mum?


  • Hanging play ball on stretch rope
  • 2 x plush sleeping den
  • Sisal scratch walls
  • Sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play 

Width: 40cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 70cm

  • Furniture grade plush fabric - charcoal
  • High quality, tough-wearing sisal - charcoal

Kazoo 2 Chamber Den Cat Scratcher Is A Great Place For Your Cat To Play Hide And Relax

Gives your cat their own place to play, hide, scratch and explore… or simply just hang out and watch the world go by!

Recommended for assisting the management of behaviour of indoor cats and in multi – cat households

  • Provide your cat with a prestigious scratching experience
  • The outer material of the den is perfect for scratching all day long and offers the ultimate scratching experience
  • Great for scratching, hiding, batting, climbing and enjoying the view!
  • Provides your cat with its own mini play centre and retreat
  • Includes 2 separate hidey holes fitted with soft fleece providing the perfect place to snuggle up and relax in peace
  • Satisfies your cat’s instinctual desire to climb, scratch, pounce, bat, and hide
  • Cats love being up high, therefore climbing up on top of the scratcher will strongly appeal to your feline friend!
  • Reduces destructive behaviour in the home
  • Contains a soft plush fleece ball hanging from an elastic string in the top den for your cat to enjoy batting about
  • The condos and their exterior are covered in luxurious plush fabric
  • Compact, tidy, stylish design with nice, neutral colours will look great in the home
  • The scratching surface is made of natural sisal, perfect for scratching
  • Cats love a range of textures, therefore this mini play centre will be irresistible for never-ending play!

 For Indoor Cats

  • Helps to keep your cat calm and relaxed, by providing a safe and controlled outlet for scratching, climbing, jumping and perching – essential, natural behaviours your cats need
  • Encourages your cat to exercise, provides stimulation through play and exploration, and helps to reduce inactivity and boredom
  • The cave allows cats to retreat into a quiet zone and sleep safely tucked away
  • Your cat will enjoy perching on top of the scratcher to observe and monitor their territory from a higher level – if the tower is located near a window, your cat will also be able to view the outdoors, while still safely inside your home

For multi-cat households

  • Cats rely on availability of vertical areas and private hiding places, for relaxation and safety in multi cat households, a cat den helps to provide these crucial resources
  • Helps to reduce stress, anxiety and incidences of aggressive behaviour between cat housemates
  • The two separate dens will allow the more confident cat in the household to perch up higher, over the top of the other cat - reducing the confident cat’s need for physical confrontations and tense stand offs with the less confident cat
  • Timid cats can perch on top of the scratcher as a safe, quiet resting space, that allows them to monitor the home and the movements of the other cats, from above, reducing stress and anxiety associated with possible ambush and surprise altercations
  • Multiple towers may be required in homes where there are more than 2 cats in the household

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