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Dudley Cartwright deer antlers are a 100% Australian all natural dog chew that's long lasting, almost odour free and great at helping remove tarter build up from a dogs teeth. Deer antler also contains valuable minerals and almost no fat making it the king of dog chews.

Antler that's been split is perfect for lazy chewing dogs or where your pooch is more interested in the softer center than the hard outer layer. More active chewers may prefer a whole piece of antler.

Plus, to ensure a quality product all our antler is sourced from Australian farms and is naturally shed making it a highly ethical product. All our farmers do is pick the antler up and we then clean and cut it to size. 

Antler Feeding guide 

Always provide fresh drinking water in conjunction with antler  
Always keep an eye on your pet while he or she is chewing on antler
If your dog is trying to break the antler rather than gnawing, take it away from them immediately.
Limit antler chewing to 1/2 an hour per day where possible.
Always purchase a piece of antler that's big enough for your pet.
When the antler gets too small remove it from your pet to avoid it becoming a choking hazard.
Don't give antler to puppies or older dogs as it may be too hard for their teeth.

Specifications & Features

Split Large Length ( 18cm + )

Weight  90g - 120g

Ethically sourced - all our antler is naturally shed and collected by farmers.

Contains valuable minerals and almost no fat

Country of origin - 100% Australian


Protein (Minimum) 32%

Fat (Minimum) 0.1% 

Fibre (Maximum) 3%

Moisture (Maximum) 14%

Phosphorous  10g / 100g

Magnesium 26mg / 100g 

Calcium 21g / 100g 




  * individual antlers may differ in colour, shape and density from one piece to the next. 

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