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Product Features

  • Supports coloration
  • Will help maintain health and vitality
  • Attracts reluctant and finicky eaters
  • Quickly frozen whole brine shrimp

Whole live high quality brine shrimp are enriched with the unique combination of Spirulina and garlic, then quickly frozen resulting in whole animals and minimal loss of nutrients. Spirulina algae is highly digestible, helps to support the natural colors of your fish and helps stimulate growth. Garlic is a flavor enhancing natural attractant that helps to promote health and stimulate the appetite of reluctant and finicky eaters.

Discus, Platys, Angels, Tetras, Barbs, Catfish, Swords, Mollies, Gouramis, Rainbows, Freshwater Sharks, Marine Angels, Clownfish, Tangs, Wrasses, Butterflies, Gobies, and more.


Brine shrimp, spirulina, garlic, water, guar gum.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) — 5.7%
Crude Fat (min.) — 1.6%
Crude Fiber (max.) — 0.2%
Moisture (max.) — 90.6%
Ash (max.) — 1.5%
Phosphorus (min.) — 0.1%

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