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The Aviator Harness and Leash

Suitable for: most birds from 75g and up, see sizing guide below for more information.

The Aviator Harness and Leash is an innovative, escape proof harness designed with the safety and comfort of your bird in mind. The lightweight, one piece design has no buckles or clips that could injure, distract or annoy your bird, and it also features a specially designed collar which allows it to be safely worn even if your bird has food in the crop. The Aviator Harness has an elasticised leash to minimise shock and injury if your bird is to fly away suddenly and also comes with an instructional DVD to help you get started.


  • Safe, escape proof bird harness
  • Elasticised lead to prevent injury
  • Light weight, one piece design with no dangerous buckles or clips
  • Specially designed collar for comfort and safety
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Comes with instructional DVD


Sizing Information: (use bodyweight as a guide, birds listed are suggestions only)

  • XX Small - birds 75-110g, for example large parakeets, small Indian ringnecks, cockatiels, small conures (green cheek, brown throat)
  • X Small - birds 110-190g, for example quakers, senegal, doves, medium parakeets (Indian ringneck, Port Lincoln) rainbow lorikeets, rosellas, noble macaw, large conures (suns, jendays, nanday, blue crown), caiques
  • Small - birds 190-425g, for example Amazons (lilac crown, blue front) timneh grey, yellow collar macaw, small cockatoos (goffins, major mitchell, galah, lesser sulfur) large parakeets, chattering lori, all pionus
  • Medium - birds 425-600g, for example eclectus, medium macaws (severe, red fronted), large Amazons (double yellow, yellow nape) umbrella, Congo grey
  • Large - birds 600-1000g, for example large macaws, triton, small moluccan
  • X Large - birds 1000-1600g, for example large moluccan, green winged macaw, hyacinth
  • XX-Large - birds 1600g +, for example extra large hyacinths, green winged macaw (mostly males), chickens, geese, pheasants

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