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Aristopet Avicycline C Oral Antibiotic

The Aristopet Avicycline C Oral Antibiotic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of organisms sensitive to Chlortetracycline. It is recommended for ornamental birds as a first-line antibiotic where a definitive diagnosis is difficult or not achieved. This antibiotic may have efficacy against E. coli (Enteritis), Mycoplasma spp. (Chronic Respiratory Disease) and Chlamydia psittaci (Psittacosis). It may also be used as a preventative medication for Psittacosis.

  • Broad spectrum powdered antibiotic for birds
  • Easy to administer in drinking water or food
  • Useful as a preventative for Psittacosis

Directions for Use:

Parrots: 5.0g/L in water

Finch/Pigeon: 2.5g/L in water

All ornamental birds: 5.0g/kg in dry food

All ornamental birds 10g/kg in hand rearing food

Administration: Administration: Remove all sources of unmedicated water and prepare fresh solutions daily. Remove sources of grit and calcium for the duration of treatment. Supply medicated water for 5-7 days (Psittacosis 45 days) in glass, glazed or plastic containers.

Caution: Not to be used in food producing birds. The effectiveness of this medication will be reduced if calcium supplements are present in the diet. Always follow veterinary advice and supervision if you are concerned about your bird's health.

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