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Aristopet Scaly Face Leg Lotion

Aristopet Scaly Leg and Face Treatment for Ornamental Birds

Since 1958, Aristopet has provided Australian produced, affordable pet healthcare solutions for the well-being of pets.

The Aristopet Scaly Leg and Face Treatment is an easy to apply lotion for use in Budgerigars, Finches and Parrots with scaly face and/or leg. This condition is caused by the external parasite, Cnemidocoptes pilae.

  • Easy to apply lotion
  • For the treatment of Scaly Leg and Face
  • Available in 25mL bottle
  • Suitable for Ornamental birds such as budgerigars, canaries, finches and parrots

Directions for use: Simply apply the lotion onto the affected areas once a day for 3 - 4 days. Prevent your pet from ingesting after application.

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