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API Tropical Greens Flakes

API Tropical Greens Flakes

Recommended for: Algae and plant-eating fish including Guppies, Swordtails, Mollies

API has been an industry leader in fish care, nutrition, treatments, testing and pond products for over 50 years, giving them a keen insight into your aquarium and its needs - making them the clear choice for fish enthusiasts around the world.

API Tropical Greens Flakes is formulated with carotenoids to enhance the vibrant colours of your fish, along with multiple algae species, beet pulp, and a special plant blend for healthy growth and development. These flakes are designed specifically for algae and plant-eating fish, such as Swordtails, Mollies, and Guppies, and contains a unique, nutritionally-enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients for maximum absorption. Fish more readily use the nutrients in this high-quality formula, and as a result, release up to 30% less ammonia than the leading competitor for cleaner, clearer water.

  • Flakes for algae and plant-eating fish including Swordtails, Mollies, and Guppies
  • Formulated to enhance the vibrant colour of fish
  • Contains multiple algae species, beet pulp, and a special plant blend
  • Produces less waste in your fish, leading to a cleaner tank environment
  • API fish food delivers up to 30% less ammonia than other brands

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