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Goldfish – Fantail Assorted 5cm

“Fantails” get their name from their double tail that is shaped kind of like a triangle when viewed from above.

For anyone who hasn’t seen a well cared for goldfish, it may come as a surprise that they can grow to enormous sizes. Anyone who has ever has the chance to see my goldfish tank always assumes they are some type of koi, and are shocked when I tell them that they’re regular goldfish. (One of which was a rescue from a carnival.)

Fantail Goldfish are truly unique creatures. They make a great centerpiece for cold-water aquariums because they stand out in a mix of other fish.

It’s important to remember that goldfish are cold-water fish, and will do best if kept in a cool room. They should never be kept in a heated tank or in an overly hot room. If their tanks temperature gets too high, it may result in permanent nerve damage to the goldfish.

Since fantail goldfish require coldwater, they should never be kept with tropical fish, as the tank will either be too warm for the goldfish, or too cold for the tropical fish. Some good tank mates are gold barbs, loaches and some people have had success with zebra danios. But the danios will nip at the goldfish if they aren’t kept in a school of at least six, and some are nippers regardless, so add danios with caution.

Getting  goldfish to accept food is not difficult – they will eat nearly anything that will fit in their mouth. With that being said, feeding them properly is what can be more difficult.

In the wild goldfish are omnivores, and they feed on plant matter, algae, insects and small crustaceans. But their diet is primarily composed of plant matter and algae, and it’s important to replicate this in the home aquarium.

  • Species – Carassius Auratus (Fantail) Random Assorted Colour
  • Common Name – Fantail Goldfish
  • Origin – East Asia
  • Diet – Herbivour
  • PH Range – Alkaline 6.5 – 7.5
  • Water Type – Hard
  • Temperature – 10-24
  • Breed Type – Egg Scatter
  • Current Size – approximately 5cm (Grows to approximately 25cm)
  • Sex – Un-sexed

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