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Our large split goat horn chew is perfect for dogs of any breed. Split goat horns are perfect for "lazy" chewers having the softer bone center exposed making it easy to get at. And like all our chews a split goat horn aids in maintaining your pets general dental health by helping reduce tarter build up.

Plus, to ensure a quality product all our goat horns are 100% Australian and simply treated through a process of dehydration before we deliver them to you. We use dehydration as opposed to other processes as it retains the bone in the center of the horn which is the part many dogs love.    

Goat Horn Feeding guide 

Always provide fresh drinking water in conjunction with goat horns  
Always keep an eye on your pet while he or she is chewing on goat horn
Limit goat horn chewing to 1/2 an hour per day where possible.
Always purchase a piece of goat horn that's big enough for your pet.
When the horn gets too small remove it from your pet to avoid it becoming a choking hazard.


Specifications & Features

Large split Goat Horn Length ( 18cm - 21cm) 

Weight  30g - 45g 


Single Ingredient

No added preservatives

No added artificial colours

Grain Free

Production process - Dehydration to ensure long shelf life.

Packaging - Swing tag attached



Crude Protein (Minimum) 61%

Crude Fat (Minimum) 1% 

Crude Fibre (Maximum) 0.1%

Moisture (Maximum) 12%




Our dehydration processes 

Our goat horn chews are prepared in fully accredited facilitates using a process of dehydration. Raw material is simply dried over time at a moderate temperature rather than by being cooked. During the process moisture is reduced to a level where the raw material becomes stable and attains a reasonable shelf life without losing any of its eating qualities.

Please note that due to our products being largely processed without significant modification you will see slight variations of colour and size from one piece to the next. Slight differences of colour have no effect on the properties of our goat horn chews and consumers can feel comfortable that their pet is receiving only the best when they choose a Dudley Cartwright product.


Our goat horns are sold separately and without packaging. Having said that, we recommend customers store them in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight to ensure freshness.

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