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Hikari Marine S

Hikari Marine S

Suitable for: small marine fish

Hikari produces top quality aquatic diets, drawing on over eleven decades of experience with ornamental fish. Hikari employs exploration techniques to research the habitats and dietary requirements of fish, and combines this with intensive research at the Hikari Aquatic Laboratories to ensure all their diets are of a superior quality and standard.

Hikaris Marine S is a superior colour-enhancing diet for smaller marine fish. It offers a wide variety of nutritional benefits, including essential fatty acids, high levels of protein, and stabilised Vitamin C to help build immunity to diseases. Supporting the digestive system, Marine S also produces less waste in your fish with continual use.

  • Offers essential fatty acids and necessary high-level proteins
  • Unique blend of necessary nutrients which help support immune system health
  • Easily digested formula reduces waste output and helps to improve water quality over time

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